Fontviewer displays a complete map of the glyphs for any user-supplied font. Users can view the font metadata, copy glyphs or their display codes in one click.


Drag/drop a font file (TTF, OTF or WOFF) in the landing area, or click inside the landing area to open a local font file. FontViewer will load the font file and display all the glyphs defined therein.

Controls and other options

Once a font is loaded, control buttons are displayed at the bottom of the screen.

Details button

Click the Details button to display the technical and legal information stored in the font file. Details can include: the copyright, the font name, identifier, family and subfamily, legal notices, etc. The font details are supplied by the font's author; the amount of information that it provides can vary widely from one font to the other. font author.


The preview panel display a short snippet (paragraph) of random dummy copy using the current font. The copy includes HTML style variations such as emphasis (italics) and strong (bold).


The Reset button will flush the currently loaded font and renew the application back to its initial state so that a new font can be loaded. Any customization will be lost.


The zoom buttons (plus and minus) grow or shrink the size of the display to allow for a better inspection of the glyphs. You can use the middle button to reset the zoom factor to its original state. You can also use the left and right directional arrows on the keyboard to zoom in and out.

Mode selectors

The mode selector (Copy and Display determine the behavior of the click action. If the mode is set to Copy, the selected glyph will be copied to the user's clipboard and ready to be pasted back into any application. If the "Display" mode is selected instead, the pop-up screen will display a list of various encoding schemes for the selected character. The encoding can be useful when used in combination with applications where the that require an encoded version of a character, such as Javascript or embedded HTML.

Notes and disclaimer

This app is 100% ad-free and tracking-free. It is provided as-is, without any warranty. Note that fontviewer is not a "responsive" application. This is by design: it will probably not work well on smaller mobile devices.